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Zen Razor Japan

Nakayama Asagi / Hardness 5 / Fineness 5

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¥55,000 JPY
Prezzo di listino
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¥55,000 JPY

Japanese Natural Finishing Whetstone Nakayama Asagi

 It is a very hard and superfine stone that I recommend it to be used as a final finisher at the end of the honing progression or to refresh the edge of the razor every time the shave is less comfortable and starts to pull the hair.
 A tomo nagura that is matching the fineness of the stone will be included as a gift. 
 The lines harmless, impossible to feel! 


Cutting power..4.5  


Size: 203x75mm

Thickness outside the stand 19/20mm, + 5mm estimated inside the wooden stand. 

Weight: 1154g (including stand) 

It cannot be removed from stand, the estimated weight of stand is around 150-170g

Jnat Scale Explained 

Shipping Informations

➡️ Phone number is required to complete the order! Please leave me your phone number at the moment of purchase! The Japanese UPS is very strict and requires both Sender`s and Receiver`s phone numbers on the shipping label.
Without both phone numbers on the label they refuse to accept the parcel.

➡️ Express shipping by EMS or UPS. Estimated arrival between 7 to 14 days.

➡️Handling and import fees are the buyer’s responsibility! If you need help with that, you can contact me.

➡️ UPS cannot deliver to P.O. BOX address.

➡️ I usually send in less than 48h, but can take up to 3 days is some rare cases. (week-ends, national holidays, honing requests, missing phone number etc...)