About Zen Razor Japan


  Since 2015 when I opened my first online store, I have connected and built great relationships with amazing people from all over the world. I work and collaborate with local professionals here in Japan but also with international collectors and enthusiasts. It is always great to meet people with same interests. 

  Here you can find products that I regularly use or collect like: vintage razors, Japanese natural whetstones, knives, swords and other cutting devices made with the world's top quality steels, but also some of my hand engraving and leather craft works.  

Vintage and Antique Razors

 Old razors that were made in Japan, Solingen, Sweden or Spain. Many top brands with decades of popularity, famous worldwide for the highest quality. Such jewelries are not made anymore and unfortunately will never be made again!

The Finest Japanese Natural Whetstones

  In a decade of work with razors, my goal was to get the sharpest edge possible and at the same time the most comfortable shave.

  In all these years, I've been continuously researching, testing and experimenting with all types of Japanese natural stones.   

 There are many types of
 Jnats, for all kind of uses. But only a small percentage of them with a superior level of fineness, are capable of putting a super sharp and in the same time an extremely comfortable edge on razors. These ones are the most prized and sought after stones in Japan, but also internationally. 

   All stones sold in this store are rigorously selected by me and tested multiple times with different methods before listing, in order to provide a very accurate description.

 I mainly focus on the best super finishers from the Nakayama mine, but I might have some stones from other mines if they are truly fine enough to be used as a final finisher for razors. 

  Because it has been requested multiple times, I might list a couple knife finishers in this store. 

  All stones are lapped at the moment of listing and will be shipped with a flat surface, ready for honing. 

  Some stones have lines formed naturally. During testing I will determine if the lines are safe for razor or not. Only if the lines are harmless and the stone is 100% safe for honing it will be listed in the store.

 Stones with toxic lines, very weak cutting power, deep cracks, cheap junk koppas and Narutaki Maruichi "for razors,  will not be sold here! 


Mikawa Nagura

   I pick my Mikawa nagura directly from Mr. Morio Sakamoto, the owner of Asano stamps. His father purchased the Mikawa mine in 1953 and together with Nagayuki Asano and Kosuke Iwasaki founded the Ichikukai Association in 1961. 

 I'm proud to say that I am one of the few, who had the opportunity to learn from Mr. Sakamoto a lot of things about Japanese Natural Stones, razor/kamisori honing, Mikawa mine history and his friendship with Asano and Iwasaki.


  Rarely, I might have few handmade leather products here, since working with leather is another one of my interests.

 For my leather strops I choose only the best Japanese shell cordovan leather from the worldwide renowned Shinki Hikaku factory.

 I go personally to inspect each leather hide before the purchase. A leather strop should have the perfect surface for the ultra fine edge of a straight razor, no wrinkles, veins or scratches! 


 If you're interested to find out more about Japanese Natural Stones and Vintage Razors, please visit historyrazors.wordpress.com! Here you will find the most accurate informations available online. 


 Thank you for visiting my store!