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Zen Razor Japan

Iwasaki Tamahagane vintage Japanese kamisori. Shave ready and sanitized.

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¥195,000 JPY
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¥195,000 JPY

 Japanese kamisori forged from Tamahagane by the renowned master Iwasaki Shigeyoshi.

It is in great condition with minimal signs of wear.
Used only a couple times by the previous owner with the factory edge and sold because he doesn’t know to hone it. 
I sanitized it and refreshed the edge. 

It is shave ready! 

The geometry is perfect. 

Blade is 6/8+ wide and the edge is 48 mm long.

Tamahagane or “The Jewel Steel” is known worldwide to be the most pure Japanese steel and to be produced with a very complex process.
This precious steel was used only for the best samurai swords and there are many legends regarding the extreme sharpness and edge retention of the blades forged with Tamahagane steel.

Iwasaki’s Tamahagane steel production ended in the 70`s and very few razors made with this steel can be found in excellent condition these days
The characters stamped on the blade represents the name of the maker (岩崎) Iwasaki and the material used (玉鋼) Tamahagane.

If you want to find out more about Iwasaki, Japanese razors, Japanese natural whetstones I recommend this place:

In case of any kamisori I recommend a paddle strop. If you don’t have one, always strop carefully the kamisori on the well stretched leather without pressure and be careful at the pointy corners!
Even skilled barbers can cut the leather strop with a kamisori!

Any questions are welcome!

Shipping Informations

➡️ Phone number is required to complete the order! Please leave me your phone number at the moment of purchase! The Japanese UPS is very strict and requires both Sender`s and Receiver`s phone numbers on the shipping label.
Without both phone numbers on the label they refuse to accept the parcel.

➡️ Express shipping by EMS or UPS. Estimated arrival between 7 to 14 days.

➡️Handling and import fees are the buyer’s responsibility! If you need help with that, you can contact me.

➡️ UPS cannot deliver to P.O. BOX address.

➡️ I usually send in less than 48h, but can take up to 3 days is some rare cases. (week-ends, national holidays, honing requests, missing phone number etc...)