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 Tomo + Base 

 Q: If I use a 5+++ tomo on my level 5 fineness stone, will I get 5+++ results on my razor?

 A: No, the base stone is the one deciding the maximum fineness. Having a much finer tomo will help you get the best of your base stone, but it won’t upgrade it to a higher level of fineness.



Q: What is Maruka and why is so expensive?

A: Maruka are the highest selection of finishers from Nakayama. They were selected by performance and stamped by Kato-san, the owner of Nakayama mine, and later by Hatanaka who packed and sold them under his brand. 

 They are usually hard or very hard stones, always with strong cutting power and reaching the highest fineness levels. These are the most prized of the natural stones in Japan. 

Ideal for professionals, collectors or anyone who understands and appreciates Jnats and wants to get excellent finishing results.

Having such superior characteristics and the fact that the mine was closed few decades ago makes the authentic Maruka very sought after and expensive.

 The most expensive I’ve seen, was in 2018 at an auction in Japan. A very beautiful NOS Nakayama Maruka Kiita Yamazen 210x8x5cm.
It was sold for 1.500.000¥.


(Authentic Maruka stones are more difficult to be found these days, even here in Japan. Many knifes and Jnat sellers have their own copy of Maruka stamp and use it on stones with strong cutting power. 
 Unfortunately, almost all of these stones are missing the most important feature of an authentic Maruka stone: the superior level of fineness that is encountered in all original Maruka stones that were selected by Kato-san.) 

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