My honing progression

My honing progression


 I've been asked many times how do I hone my razors and what progression I use for that. The stones used in the honing progression are generally a personal preference. There are a lot of products doing a good job. What I consider to be the most important stone in a progression is the final finisher. This is the one that will decide the feeling of the shave!  These are my tools:

- Shapton Kuromaku 2000 (Used for chip removal)

- Naniwa superstone 5000 (Here starts the honing for most vintage and all NOS razors) 

- Naniwa superstone 8000 (Just to clean the 5000 grit marks and prepare for next stone) 

- Naniwa superstone 12000 (I could stop here but I want more) 

- Final finisher Nakayama Maruka + tomo (Perfect balance of Sharpness, Lasting Edge and Ultimate Comfort) 


 Once the razor is shave ready I don’t have to go back to artificial stones anymore to refresh. Each time the shaving is less comfortable I can refresh the edge only using the Jnat and maintain it like this for years. First with diamond plate slurry to remove steel and then with tomo slurry to refine the edge. Just like in this video!


Other tools: 

  • Raymay microscope 250X (17$, the zoom is much more than necessary) 
  • Atoma 600 (for lapping and slurry) 
  • Spray mist bottle (for slurry) 
  • Marker (for bevel check) 
  • Shell cordovan leather strop 




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  • A special present from Mr. Morio Sakamoto, one of his two Mejiro nagura that was using in his workshop.

  • It`s honing time!

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