My honing progression

My honing progression


 I've been asked many times how do I hone my razors and what progression I use for that. The stones used in the honing progression are generally a personal preference. There are a lot of products doing a good job. What I consider to be the most important stone in a progression is the final finisher. This is the one that will decide the feeling of the shave! Here are my stones:

- Shapton Kuromaku 2000 (Low range stone used for chip removal)

- Naniwa Superstone 5000 (Middle range. Here starts the honing for most vintage and all NOS razors) 

- Naniwa Superstone 8000 (Just to clean the 5000 grit marks and prepare for final finisher) 

- Naniwa Kagayaki 12000 (Puts a very sharp and very comfortable shaving edge) Or I can use a natural superfinisher like Nakayama Maruka. 

 After a couple shaves, when the smoothness of the blade decreases, I can refresh the edge using only the Jnat. 

To refresh with Jnat, first I use diamond plate slurry to remove steel and then tomo slurry to further refine the edge. Just like in this video!


Other tools: 

  • Raymay microscope 250X (17$, the zoom is much more than necessary) 
  • Atoma 600 (for lapping and slurry) 
  • Spray mist bottle (for slurry) 
  • Marker (for bevel check) 
  • Shell cordovan leather strop 




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  • A special present from Mr. Morio Sakamoto, one of his two Mejiro nagura that was using in his workshop.

  • It`s honing time!

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